The Institute is made up of three organisational bodies:

  1. The Strategic Instance, consisting of the Presidency, the Consultative Council and the Advisory and Outsourcing Services Units, the latter with the function of assisting the Presidency in its decision-making process and in Strategic Planning;
  2. The Operational Support Instance, composed of the Financial, Administrative and Project Directorates, whose functions are to support the Project Elaboration and Execution Instance;
  3. The Project Elaboration and Execution Unit is composed of five units, focused on the execution of the Institute's five lines of action, namely: Environmental Crisis and Democracy Unit, Education and Overcoming Poverty Unit, Social Inequality and Democracy Unit, Social Organisation and Political Training Unit and Society, Information and Democracy Unit.

The Strategic Body is responsible for outlining the main strategies, their lines of action and goals to be achieved.

These three instances constitute the Executive Board, which is responsible for the management of the institution. It plans, executes and controls the actions developed by the Institute, such as: fundraising, execution of the annual budget and the realization of Studies and Research and related events, aimed at strengthening democracy. Its President, elected by the founding partners, is the authorising officer of expenses and the legal guardian of the Institution during his mandate. Subordinate to the Executive Board are: the Units for the Execution of Action Lines and the Support Units, namely:

The Line of Action Execution Units are the final units of the Executive Board of Directors, aimed at planning and executing studies and research in their specific line of action. Each unit is managed by an Area Mentor, a specialist in the topic and its manager, a specialist in project management.

Each Execution Unit of the Action Lines may constitute its own Curator Committee, a council of notables on the central theme of that Unit, with the objective of developing solid strategies of studies and research, sanctioning and disseminating internationally the various actions and events, aligned with the challenges of its unit.

There are currently five Lines of Action for the Institute:

  • Environmental Crisis and Democracy 
  • Social Inequality and Democracy 
  • Education and Overcoming Poverty 
  • Information, Society and Democracy 
  • Social Organisation and Political Training 

The Implementation Units of the Action Lines are managed by Projects. Once executed, the results are published, following the marketing strategies of the responsible unit, and the team contracted for them is dissolved.

The Support Units

  • Administrative Directory
  • Financial Director
  • Projects Directorate

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